H1Z2Z2-K, optimized version

H1Z2Z2-K/EN 50618 solar cable, Burial in ground, AD8, Dca

H1Z2Z2-K - cross-linked solar photovoltaic (PV) cable per EN 50618, UV/ Ozone resistant, UL Crushing- & Impact-Resistance Test, AD8, Burial in Ground, CPR Dca

  • AD8 - Permanent Submersion
  • Tested Burial in Ground
  • Dca classified per CPR

e-모빌리티기계 및 플랜트 엔지니어링태양 에너지옥외용에 적합화학적 저항성 우수화염 저지력할로겐프리내한성내부식성내산성전압내온도성자외선 저항방수


품번 선심수(CORE) / 단면적(mm²)외경 (mm)구리 지수 (kg/km)무게 (kg/km)
외피 색상 : 흑색
1 X 45.838.460
1 X 66.457.680
1 X 107.496123
1 X 169.3153.6180
1 X 45.838.460
1 X 66.457.680
1 X 107.496123
1 X 45.838.460
1 X 66.457.680
1 X 107.496123


  • 외부 응용 용도
  • Robust against mechanical impacts, Burial in professionally made cable trench inside or without protection system
  • 화재시 화염 전파 및 독성 연소 가스 감소
  • Inside the EU, and particularly on site, applicable for many building types as per local, legal implementation of EU CPR - Construction Product Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011, thanks to Dca Classification
  • 25 years in expectable lifespan under normal use conditions as defined in EN 50618

응용 범위

  • For free and stationary or for freely suspended outdoor and indoor cabling between the solar modules, or between the module strings and the DC/AC inverter, for example in line with HD 60364-7-712 on PV systems, and EN 50618 on H1Z2Z2-K cable type, etc....; Short circuit and earth fault protected per EN 50618, Annex A, and per HD 60364-5-52
  • As per EN 50618, Annex A, inside electrical installation pipe/ duct/ channel, plaster, and appliance, as well as inside or connected to double insulated/ protected appliance or system of protection class II
  • Photovoltaic systems with DC system voltage up to 1800 V to ground
  • AD8: Permanent water contact and submersion down to 1 metre in water depth
  • Increased, mechanical robustness, for instance in the event of impact;
    Burial in Ground in professionally made cable trench (see Section 4.2 of VDE 0891-6, or Section 300.5 in Article 300 of NFPA 70/ NEC - National Electrical Code of the USA) with or without additional protection system, such as tube/ duct/ conduit for burial in ground;
    Where additional protection system for burial in ground is used, internal waterlogging of contaminated water in contact with the cable's outer sheath must be avoided.

제품 특성

  • Weather/ UV resistant per EN 50618 as well as ozone resistant per EN 50396;
    Transversely watertight "AD8" per IEC 60364-5-51/ HD 60364-5-51, IEC 62440, and EN 50525-2-21
  • Flame retardant per IEC 60332-1-2, and Dca classified per EU CPR - Construction Product Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011
  • Halogen-free according to IEC 60754-1 (amount of halogen acid gas),
    Low Corrosiveness of combustion gases according to IEC 60754-2 (degree of acidity)
  • 양호한 동적 절단과 마모 저항성
  • Tested against burial-related, mechanical UL 854 Tests Impact-Resistance and Crushing-Resistance


  • H1Z2Z2-K type certified according to EN 50618
  • 요청에 따라 다른 단면적이 있는 품목

제품 구성

  • 미세 소선으로 만들어진 주석도금 도체
  • Core insulation made of cross-linked copolymer
  • 크로스 링크 공중합체로 제작된 외부 피복
  • 외피 색상: 흑색, 적색 또는 청색
  • Further single colours for the outer sheath on request

분류 ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC001578
  • ETIM 5.0 Class 설명 가용성 케이블

분류 ETIM 6

  • ETIM 6.0 Class-ID: EC001578
  • ETIM 6.0 Class 설명: 유연한 케이블

도체 연합

  • IEC 60228/VDE 0295 class 5에 따른 미세 소선

최소 곡률 반경

  • 4 x OD

공칭 전압

  • AC U0/U: 1.0/1.0 kV
    DC U0/U: 1.5/1.5 kV
    Max. permissible DC operating voltage: 1.8 kV

시험 전압

  • AC 6500 V
  • DC 15000 V


  • Im compliance with EN 50618
  • Acc. to EN 50618, reduction factors for clustered wiring per... HD 60364-5-52

온도 범위

  • >Conductor..., max., per EN 60216-1: 120°C;
    >Conductor..., max., short-circuit/ earth fault (period of max. 5 s): 250°C;
    >Ambient..., min., stationary use: -40°C;
    >Ambient..., min., flexible use or during installation: -25°C;
    >Ambient..., max., in conjunction with EN 60216-1: 90°C;
    >Ambient..., constant, in conjunction with HD 60364-7-712: 70°C to 90°C;
    >Ambient..., ambient temp. related reduction factor 1.00: 60°C;
    >Ambient..., max., storage: 40°C

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