TRONIC 싱글 와이어 수레

Mobile and flexible solutions to unwind, store and transport single core coils and spools.

TRONIC products are optimized for LAPP single core coils H05V-K and H07V-K (Maxi ring) as well as for LAPP single core spools.

품번 제품 명칭 포함 수용성 고리 치수(mm) 무게 (kg)
85001632 TRONIC Box - 1 D=310.0, H=103.0 0.7
85001624 TRONIC 싱글 와이어 수레 12 12 TRONIC 12 L=670.0, W=610.0, H=950.0 19
85001629 TRONIC 싱글 와이어 수레 48 48 TRONIC 48 L=865.0, W=770.0, H=1460.0 106
85001625 TRONIC 모듈 2 TRONIC 2 L=335.0, W=335.0, H=280.0 2.6
85001621 TRONIC 모듈-싱글 와이어 수레 6x2 6 TRONIC Module 12 L=610.0, W=600.0, H=1270.0 29
85001622 TRONIC 모듈-싱글 와이어 수레 18x2 18 TRONIC Module 36 L=840.0, W=820.0, H=1400.0 93
85001639 TRONIC Module single core cart Climber 6 TRONIC Module 12 L=710.0, W=680.0, H=1360.0 40
85001628 TRONIC Single core-cart S12 - 18 L=620.0, W=590.0, H=1160.0 20
85001637 TRONIC cover 1 transparentní víko - - -


  • Easy and mobile handling sand storage of single core Coils and spools and increases occupational safety and tidy workplaces
  • Direct bundling of single cores at the operation site leads to efficient assembly
  • User-friendly solution because of short setup times due to an easy refill
  • No twisting / kinking through horizontal pull
  • Mounting of barcodes enables to use kanban solutions , furthermore FLEXIMARK® markings are also possible

응용 범위

  • Transporting, storing and unwinding of single core coils and spools
  • Overcoming stairs and other barriers with the Climber version
  • All in one compact mobile storage and unwinding solution for the operational site

제품 특성

  • TRONIC module consists of 2 TRONIC boxes mounted on a holder
  • TRONIC Single core-cart S12:
    Capacity for 12 to 18 single core spools (depending on spools width)
    Cart with tool holder
  • TRONIC Module single core cart Climber with stair climber and optionally a tray for tools (article no.: 85001640)


  • Fits for cable rings:
  • Cable outer diameter: max. 10 mm
    Coil Diameter: max. 295 mm
    Inner diameter: 80-180 mm
    Heigth: max. 80 mm

일반 데이터

  • 각 TRONIC에 대한 최대 하중: 7 kg
  • Max. loading TRONIC Single core-cart S12:
    1. Level: 60 kg
    2. Level: 40 kg
    3. Level: 30 kg


  • Painted steel

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