SKINTOP® FIBER, cable gland for fiber optic cables, strain relief and sealing

Enables a good fixation and sealing without impairing the transmission performance

조립 시간


품번 Article designation / size Ø F mm SW (mm) 전체 길이, C mm Thread length D mm 피스 / PU
M 32 x 1,5 0 - 3 36 47.0 10 10


  • Special sealing insert with 12 x 0-3mm clamping range
  • Easy assembly and disassembly thanks to the insertion aid
  • Smooth clamping of sensitive fibre optic cables due to the soft EPDM material
  • The slotted holes allow the insertion of pre-assembled fiber optical cables

응용 범위

  • Assembly of fiber optic cables
  • Broadband expansion
  • FTTx-적용
  • Industry 4.0 applications
  • 실내 및 실외 사용에 적합

제품 구성

  • DIN EN 60423에 따른 미터법 연결 스레드
  • 기술 정보의 기초 DIN IEC 62444


  • To achieve a high degree of protection, unoccupied holes can be closed with a SKINTOP DIX-DV plug

포함 사항

  • Counter nut SKINTOP® GMP-GL-M included


  • 조임 토크는 설치 설명서 참조

전달된 색상

  • 밝은 회색 (RAL 7035)


  • Body: Polyamide
    Seal: EPDM (uv- and ozone-resistant)

보호 평가

  • IP 66 (at maximum use of all boreholes)

온도 범위

  • -20°C에서 +100°C

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