Mobile, flexible and ergonomic unwinding solution for cable drums.

The SpinOff can optionally be ordered with a measuring tool (Art.-Nr. 85008065).

품번 제품 명칭
85008066 SpinOff


  • Mobile ergonomically improved transport and unwinding solution for drums
  • Simple drum changing enables quick handling of different drum sizes
  • Height-adjustable handle offers user-specific settings
  • Folding mechanism allows for compact storage during transport

응용 범위

  • Transportation and cutting to length of cable drums

제품 특성

  • Drums can be transported to the operation site with the SpinOff and can be cut to length directly from it
  • Suitable for drums with a width of 340 to 470 mm, a flange diameter of 400 to 800 mm and flange drilling of 75 to 80 mm
  • Additional elements can be used to increase range of drums sizes to fit the SpinOff


  • W=585 mm, H= up to 1100 mm

일반 데이터

  • Weight (without drums): 7 kg
  • Max. load: 140 kg

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